Abbott (AMF Just About)
Male, 78#
Red Fawn
Born July 27, 2015
Age 2
Tattoos 75A-67093
Likely not small animal safe
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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10/5/17 – Guess who is the most playful dog in the house now? Yep, Abbott! He has just discovered how much fun toys can be. He gives the toys a good shake, throws them up in the air and then pounces on them! Abbott is very comfortable in his foster home now. He knows the rules and is more than willing to follow them. He will adjust to his forever home more easily now that he knows what a “home” is. If he is excited about something or wants someone to play with, he barks to let them know. His foster home is surrounded by woods, but he doesn’t pay much attention to the critters that live in it. Abbott may bark at a pesky squirrel once in a while. But he usually does a few sprints around the yard and then wants back inside. He’s been on his best behavior. He is not destructive either. He is crated when the family leaves, but could be left out or baby-gated just as well. He does not get into things.

9/19/17 – Abbott has definitely warmed up! He’s now playing with toys and initiating play with our other dogs. He was SO HAPPY to get a new squeaker toy of his very own. He will sometimes sleep next to his foster greyhound but when it comes to play, he always initiates it with the Vizslas or the other mixed-breed dog in his house. He has really bonded with his foster dad. His foster mom says foster dad gets a little dramatic when he plays with the dogs and Abbott really likes that! Abbott is still great on a leash but he does risk trying to take off on the leash if something captures his attention in the woods. He likes to stick his head through to try to go outside without a leash. He is also very curious about the stove so we have to watch him carefully when we’re cooking so his nose doesn’t get too close to the gas flame.

9/11/17 – Abbott is easy to care for and he acclimated quickly to his foster home with other indoor dogs (only one of which is a greyhound). He is curious about so many things and loves to sniff to inspect what peaks his curiosity. He follows his foster family around everywhere and cries if he can’t. He especially likes the 5 year old daughter in his foster family. His family lets Abbott approach them vs. getting in his face and he has warmed up to his foster family quickly. He approaches often and still has some “warming” to do, but he’s a sensitive soul. Nothing wrong with that! Abbott wakes up at 5:30am every morning by nuzzling his foster mom’s face and rubbing his ears on her face and neck. He’s very gentle and sweet about waking his people up. He sleeps on his dog bed in the bedroom at night. His routine is to eat and then take a potty break. He hasn’t had a single accident in our house.

9/15/17 – Abbott is a sweet, mellow boy. He is just not cat friendly. Very, very handsome

8/7/17 – Abbott is a sweet mellow boy and available immediately from home fostering.