Ace (VJ Ace)
Male, 72#
Blue Brindle on Golden Coate
Born April 26, 2014
Age 3
Tattoos 44D-63799
NOT cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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12/21/17 – Ace walks pretty well on leash, he does not drag you around! He enjoys toys. He tends to be grabby around food, if you turn away he will take your sandwich! Ace still needs to learn the word “mine” from his inmate-handler. He does not whine or bark. He is slightly reserved when meeting new people, but not shy. He just likes to study people first to decide who his best friends are. Ace is very comfortable in his crate as an escape to get away from the crowd. Ace is laid back. He is not a fan of loud, sudden noises. The cutest thing about Ace is when he wags that short half-length tail of his! The tail just goes and goes and goes!

11/11/17 – Ace was chosen for the prison program because he is confident and friendly. He has a half a tail, but he’s not telling why! We met this happy guy in the racing kennel last spring. Needs to learn house manners!