Andre (Hashtag Andre)
Male, 67#
Born August 8, 2014
Age 3
Tattoos 84A-64702
Small dog workable (dogs over 12″ tall)
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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10/5/17 – Andre is so funny, he has found his favorite toy. He will carry it around all day and will sleep with it….. making sure the others don’t get their paws on it. He doesn’t play much, just started running some in the back yard. He is a very mellow boy and definitely a follower of humans. In seven weeks of fostering he has only barked a few times. Andre has been a very easy boy to foster. He does not jump up on us nor on the baby gate. He is also very correctable when he tries to do something he shouldn’t.

9/19/17/ – Andre HAS to be where his human is. He will follow you every time you move! Very Velcro….. Andre has been laying in his crate a lot during the day in the front room but will jump out when he see’s his foster mom walk into the next room. He loves to lay outside in the sun, too. He really isn’t a very active guy. His foster mom says he’s lazy! He is doing really good on the house rules, very correctable. He went to a park picnic with a lot of strangers and children and he did great. He also got to go to the Lab fundraiser at Mallow Run Winery and he did great with all the people and different breeds…large and small.

08/22/17 – Andre is a velcro dog. He loves to be with his foster people and will follow them from room to room to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the action. He’s very correctable and learning the rules of the house like no counter surfing and no snoozing on the couch! He doesn’t play with toys much yet but when he does, squeaky toys are his go to. And he’s learning to ask to go outside by standing by the back door. This sweet boy is practicing for his forever family and he’s doing quite well!

08/08/17 – Andre is 3 years old today! This boy is way beyond sweet and was reported as the best foster his foster mom has ever had. Only one thing she noted…. her days of privacy in the bathroom are over! Andre is doing very well with no accidents at all. He is eating his meals well and hasn’t tried to across feed. He is very correctable and learning proper behaviors like not surfing the counter and trash can. He found his soft bed the first night and is sleeping all night. His last outing is 9:00-9:30 and he sleeps until 8-8:30am. He has been doing well with his foster brothers (42 & 44lb galgos).

8/7/17 – Andre is a repaired fracture who just had his plate taken out a couple weeks ago. He is doing fine on his healing leg. Available immediately from home fostering.