Buzzard (DCG Comin In Hot)
Male, 83#
Dark Brindle
Born Sept. 16, 2015
Tattoos 95A-67305
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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02/18/18 – This is a very playful greyhound! He will be a great fit for something looking for a more energetic grey. He loves toys and playing with other greyhounds, and also a whippet mix. Buzzard has been practicing his antics. His buoyant personality is really coming out! He is a leaner, lover, plays fetch. He is also a counter surfer and toilet paper stealer! Buzzard is a character. He fostered peacefully with 4 of the cats he met, but there was one young frisky cat that he could not be trusted with, so he switched foster homes! And we labeled him “cat questionable”. Buzzard is very affectionate, has a puppy face, and is a polite car rider. He likes to mouth things, so he is learning correction on that. He also is a chewer, so redirection will be needed until he understands what is appropriate and what is not. Buzzard is settling in well to his new foster home. He hasn’t whined at all. Buzzard likes to initiate cuddling, something that not all greyhounds will do. Foster folks are working to teach him how to play nicely – in other words, he gets a little possessive of the toy, and sometimes snaps at any hand reaching for it. A sharp “no!” and confiscating the toy (to end the play) seems to work. Otherwise, he’s been a very sweet and trusting boy!

2/5/18 – Buzzard is available for immediate adoption to a pre-approved adopter.