Camero (Imark Camero)
Male, 71#
Born Jan. 18, 2015
Tattoos 15C-65759
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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02/18/18 – After just one week, Camero is doing great. He is a happy-go-lucky dog that is not phased by anything. He seems genuinely happy all the time, he has lots of tail wags. He is also VERY affectionate; I think he’s working toward being a velcro dog. He wants to be held and cuddled as much as possible and he gives kisses. He started playing with toys this week and he will play fetch. He sleeps in a crate during the day and he started carrying squeaky toys in to his crate. He loves anything that squeaks. He will be great around kids, too. He really likes our daughter and likes to lay near her while she plays. He is very easy to foster!

2/5/18 – Camero is available for immediate adoption to a pre-approved adopter. (Yes the greyhound is named after the car but apparently someone misspelled his name, so it is indeed Camero.)