Castor – ADOPTED

Castor (Castor’s Courage)
Male, 85#
White & brindle
Born December 8, 2013
Age 3
Tattoos 123G-62817
Fully vetted

Status: Adopted

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11/12/17 – SPECIAL ADOPTER ONLY: Castor  (Castor’s Courage) – male, white & brindle, 123G-62817, born 12/8/13, 80# Castor needs a calm, adult-only home. No cats, no real small dogs. He can be loving, outwardly affectionate, gives kisses. A Velcro dog, eager for affection in the right environment. Fenced yard is a requirement. He was removed from the prison early; became fear reactive while confined to a crate. Does well in exercise pen (4 feet square) though. He can transition to being loose in his house once he earns your trust. Castor has developed a fear of children, teens, strangers in his home. Loves playing catch, big stuffed toys, chewing on appropriate objects like nylabones.  He ‘probably’ does best with other greyhounds (or large dogs) with him during the day. The ‘ideal’ adopter would be experienced with greyhounds, and not too “embarrassed” to use the precautionary muzzle when warranted.

10/10/17 – Castor continues to do very well. He is ready to find a home! It turns out that he is even a smiler – but just for short flashes. He eats 2.5 cups twice daily and whines appropriately when he needs to go outside. He sleeps thru the night in an ex-pen, simply because his foster folks do not have space in their bedroom for a 5th greyhound! He does well when his people are gone although while first leaving or first returning he throws a verbal fuss. But he stops very soon. He rarely uses the muzzle with now, neither inside nor out. Castor shows affection with his mouth – kisses, nibbling, nuzzling.

9/30/17 – SPECIAL ADOPTER needed for this beautiful, big boy. Castor is a no cats, no small dogs, no children, and no teens kind of dog. He needs an adult-only home. In the right home for him, he is very loving, outwardly affectionate and likes to give kisses. He’s a real Velcro dog and very eager for affection. This very handsome boy will bond with his adopter.

His forever home will be required to have a fenced yard.  He was removed from the prison program midway through his session, when he became fear reactive. So we are asking the adopter to agree to these terms:

Castor has developed a fear of children, teens, and rowdy groups. When nervous, he thinks he has to protect his crate, so his adopter must agree not to use a crate. While he is transitioning to your home, Castor does well in an exercise pen (4 feet square). The XL greyhound crates we use are too small for this big boy anyway! He is larger than most male greyhounds that you have met! We have found that he can transition to being loose in his house once he earns your trust. He does exhibit some sleep startle. He loves playing catch, and big stuffed toys. Castor loves to chew on appropriate objects like nylabones. He does best on a beef kibble with grain and his adopter must agree to not let him up on your bed (he will test you on this!) and no tug-of-war games with humans. He probably does best with other greyhounds (or large dogs) home with him during the day.

The ideal adopter would be experienced with greyhounds, and not too “embarrassed” to use the precautionary muzzle when warranted. He no longer enjoys groups of energetic people in “his space” whose movements are not predictable (like kids, teens). He is also somewhat clumsy and does not know his own size, but his big heart makes up for it! Castor is doing very well in his current foster home, although they are not able to adopt him into their already-full greyhound house. So we know that in the right environment, this big guy can flourish. The adopter must also agree to follow up communication with his current foster home to coach them through adoption, to ensure the successful transition. He has returned twice, and was pulled from the prison program early, so we are determined that his next home will be forever!

07/02/17 – Castor received an early parole and is enjoying life as a home foster.  Castor is 3 years old, and 85 pounds of ‘huge’ male greyhound. He’s the retiree who actually won his last race! Castor was adopted at New Dog Day before he started his ‘prison sentence’ by one of our adopters who already has a prison graduate (because it’s hard to stop at one)!

Castor was the favorite of all the people in the dog dorm. He loved to walk around with his inmate-handler and greet all the other offenders in the dorm who are not in the program. He loved to wag his tail at the staff and almost made it all the way through his prison session. But things in the dorm began to change. Many new people came to the dorm and they did not seem to understand how intimidating it can be when groups congregate and hover over the greyhound crates. There are signs everywhere. And rules. And warnings. Lately the dog handlers and the staff have had to shoo people away so the hounds can get some peace and privacy. With the realization that the dorm population was changing, the decision was made to move the whole greyhound program into a different dorm. (Things in these facilities always change, so re-evaluation and flexibility are part of the program.) The new dog dorm has less inmate population, more staff with offices right there, quieter and calmer.

But unfortunately for Castor, the transition came a few days too late. So the volunteers got a call that he was growling and snapping in his crate at all the people who were ignoring the rules. The greyhounds, dog handlers, and volunteers were already scheduled for a Weekly Dog Meeting that same day. So the volunteers decided to play it safe and “parole Castor” early. He left the prison with the volunteers. Castor was very attached to all the dog handlers, especially the one entrusted specifically to him. It was also discovered (or decided) that Castor was not such a great fit for the adopter who originally wanted to adopt him. So she will look for another greyhound that better fits her household, no hard feelings between her and Castor!

Castor’s crate was really too small for all 85 pounds of him and so he has an x-pen that is 4 feet square. He has a big grassy yard that he runs in with his 4 greyhound foster siblings. Once the volunteers had Castor in their car, there have been no more growls. Castor gets along fine with Foster Mom & Dad and his foster greyhounds. He’s totally house broken.

Castor is very big and rather clumsy-when-excited. A bull in a china shop. He’s bouncy and rambunctious when happy and can be very strong on a leash at times. Sometimes Castor will “mouth” or “nip” when being affectionate. Like his handler said, “He’s am really just a big baby.” Castor is looking for a forever home with: a fenced yard that he can run around, no small children who might accidentally forget not to poke hands into his safe spot, an adopter who will agree to use either an exercise pen instead of a crate, or baby gate him into one room while he is learning to be trusted loose in the whole house.

Castor’s experience in the dorm at the prison was a fearful reaction that caused him to aggressively send growly warnings. He’s glad that the staff at the prison took quick action to move the dogs. He needs an adopter who understands him, and will protect him from being put in situations again that will evoke this reaction or feeling. His foster folks can advise any serious applicants who have questions. He’s not able to go home with any adopter just yet. Soon he will first transition to another foster home, with people that are new to him, to discover if there are additional challenges that his adopter might have. So please follow his story! The volunteers are taking things slow and Castor is regaining his confidence.

5/24/17 – Castor was chosen for the prison program because he is confident and friendly. He even won his last race! What a way to race into retirement!