Hattie (Hawaii Pearls)
Female, 52#
White & Black with ticking
Born August 28, 2015
Age Almost 2
Tattoos 85H-67202
Likely not cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Adopted

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09/08/17 – AVAILABLE AGAIN: Hattie originally tested “cat friendly” with proper introductions, got adopted once, yet after a couple weeks pinned the terrified white fluffy cat to the ground… So probably not safe unless the right situation. (Adopter very experienced with cat/dog introductions and a tough kitty that will put Hattie in her place.) Fortunately the wise adopter had muzzled Hattie so Kitty is safe, just shaken up. (Muzzles can be a true blessing during transitions. Never be afraid to use them. These dogs are used to their basket muzzle.) But there was another helpful discovery the adopter made that really cemented the decision that Hattie would be happier somewhere else. We also discovered that Hattie needs to be around another dog in her next home, she looks to them for guidance and reassurance. She was a very easy foster dog in a home with other greyhounds. She has lots of love to give.

08/22/17 – Hattie is improving on all the things she is learning about being retired. She went to the pet shop last Saturday and she did well. She was friendly with all that she met, adults and kids alike. She is now sleeping out of the crate at night with her foster siblings – three Greyhounds. She loves all the squeaky toys that she can get her little paws on and squeaks them while just laying around. She’s even tried to bring the outside squeakies inside. She did well with a small dog that she met last week. Hattie follows her foster mom around and if she wants your attention she bumps you in the hind end!

8/7/17 – Hattie is a repaired fracture who is available immediately from home fostering.