“Repaired Fractures”


Here is Fancy. We want to bring attention to the great need for adopters to request a greyhound with racing injuries. Fancy is already adopted. We rarely get amputees, but there are many hounds with less severe repaired fractures. Although they have different degrees of past injuries, they can live, love, walk, run, play like any other retired greyhound. We always disclose any concerns and can send medical records to your vet. We cannot foster them inside the prison because they would stand on cement floors all the time. We will make arrangements to foster your dog prior to adoption in one of our greyhound savvy volunteer homes. (If desired, we can discuss the possibility of adopting directly off the haul.) Our local Adoption Team will offer support even after you take your new dog home. We work with you. We want this adoption to be as successful as you do. If the dog turns out not to be compatible with your home, your pets, your lifestyle, we will re-home the dog. We like happy endings!

…“I’m Fancy. My story has a happy ending in Indiana. So don’t feel sorry for me! My track name was BH Do Me Right. I went by “Do Right”. I am 3 years old. I love my new name “Fancy”. I love to race, so I was having fun until all of a sudden…It was the matinee race at Daytona Beach Kennel Club on September 29. Suddenly I was down. When you can run upwards of 40mph things happen quickly. They told me later I had a horrendous front leg fracture. My entire shoulder was broken. I remember getting pain meds right away and being taken to the vet. Chris Miller (President of Greyhound Pets of America Daytona Beach) & her network saved the day for me. Chris sent an emergency email blast to her group asking for donations to cover my very expensive surgery, my amputation at the Specialty Vet. She said, “Bottom line is we need to do right by Do Me Right…can anyone help this little girl?” Her friends really came through. They gave lots of money. So a volunteer drove me to the specialty vet. They had to take my leg. It was the best option. But I’m very happy now. I’m adopted! I’m doing very well, standing, walking, running, even digging. Dogs don’t count paws when we play!  So when you meet me, don’t see me as handicapped. I’m independent, affectionate, and beautiful. I’m Fancy. There are more dogs like me, recovered from racing injuries that need a home. How about yours?”…

Whether from Prison Greyhounds, or from your favorite greyhound adoption group, please consider requesting a repaired fracture dog. We can discuss the various options and time frame. There are many dogs like this who spend too long “on hold” in racing kennels waiting for their forever friend. Perhaps that could be you.