Howie (BGR Howie Mandel)
Male, 79#
Born April 13, 2015
Tattoos 45B-66271
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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3/30/18 – Howie had an owie….Well, not recently, but we want to tell our potential adopters about it. And we said “had” not “has”. Ever since Howie arrived we caught him limping on and off, just on occasion. We know that ex-racers are used to walking and racing and playing on very soft surfaces like sandy soil and grass, so we assumed he was just adjusting to the not-so-smooth dog yard at the prison.  And the pavement they are not totally used to either. All new ex-racers who have just arrived from the kennels go thru a period of toughening up their paw pads. We had looked for corns on the feet (very common in greyhounds) which could also be the cause.  We found none. We know he was not a repaired fracture greyhound, no broken or fractured limbs. No fresh cuts anywhere. Then the handlers noticed that on Howie’s front left paw he has no webbing in between his outermost toe and the one beside it. Greyhounds by design have very long toes. So we looked. Sure enough, the dog was either born without the webbing or it had been torn a long long time ago with no sign of any injury even lingering now. So every once in a while this greyhound must knock it out of place while playing in the dog yard. (The ground is rather uneven and rough.) So the toes sticks out a little bit, not quite perpendicular. And this is when Howie limps. It doesn’t pain him. So we figure that it is either a learned behavior from the days when it was healing and it did hurt, or it is his way of not putting pressure on the toe until it returns itself to position. Not a problem, just something we need to let his adopters know. No surgery required or recommended, no treatment or procedure. Just an explanation to give to his adopters when they start to wonder about the same thing! So Howie had an owie, but it does not impede his retirement. It does cause him to lose a few races at the prison with the other greyhounds in the dog yard though!

3/7/18 – Howie is the life of the party in the prison! He is fearless and funny! Howie loves to meet people and does his best to try to get around to everyone! He never met a stranger. It is easy to see why Howie is the dorm favorite! He is very high prey and loves to destroy squeaky toys. (So buy durable!) He is not cat safe. But he loves to play, play, play with the other greyhounds in the prison. His is young and bouncy.  Just a word of warning – if you snore when you sleep, he just might roo along with you!

2/5/18 – Howie is a very friendly, confident and was chosen for the prison program.