Kasper (BF W Kasper)
Male, 73#
Born May 27, 2016
Tattoos 56F-68686
Not cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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7/29/18– Kasper is a  male, red in color, with this handsome black accent on his face, He just turned 2. He is 75#. After 30 days of being adopted, he is  being returned because we learned that he need a home with other dogs. Every once in a while certain greyhounds draw their security from having other dogs around, and without them they are living on edge. That’s because they are raised around lots of greyhounds all their lives up until adoption. He does not like cats though! And does not like sirens, so as long as you do not live in a Fire Station, and you have other dogs, and don’t have cats, and want a fun, curious, very playful greyhound….Kasper could be your new best friend. He love meeting new people. He absolutely loves toys, especially the squeaky squirrel toy. He is a big fan of small rugs and will collect them! Overall Kasper is a very curious and sweet boy, when he is confident among his canine pals! He is littermate to our previously adopted prison graduates Kal & Big Daddy Kaan.

4/15/18 – Kasper is littermate to prison fosters Kal & Kaan, but will be adopted separately. They are all 3 very similar in the way they act! He’s a pretty steady boy and is friendly but not over the top.