Keri (Pat C Lady Keri)
Female, 56#
Born Aug. 19, 2014
Age 3
Tattoos 84B-64770
Not cat friendly

Status: Available

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11/12/17 – Keri is doing very well. She actually crates quite nicely when foster mom has to leave. But when you return and let her out of the crate she gets very happy, so stand back! She tries to dance with you!  While foster mom is home, she follows her around and supervises EVERYTHING she does! All is well.

11/6/17 – Keri is settling into retirement, but has let her foster family know that she is not completely comfortable with cats. We changed her status to not cat friendly, as she is still a tad bit too interested. Then she saw the indoor-outdoor cat while he was outside and chased it! She comes with a muzzle after all! Keri is doing better with the cats each day. She’s still interested, but not as much as in the beginning. Her foster folks are still using the muzzle and the cats are being separated from the dogs. Keri likes to live on the bouncy and rambunctious side of life! She is only 3, pretty young still! This little lady is full of energy, curious, and social! She wants to be where her people are at all times. If you move, she’s right there with you. The more you pet her the more she wants! In the first couple days of her retirement she has learned to play with stuffed animals, sleep on her bed at night (she sleeps through the night), and go for walks. She hasn’t had any accidents in the house and she’s always willing to go outside. There haven’t been any signs of food aggression. Keri is learning that the couch is not her bed and also that counters are not for surfing. She’s easily correctable and redirected though!