Lady (Lady Stardust)
Female, 57#
Born Jan 10, 2016
Age Under 2
Tattoos 16A-67906
NOT cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Adoption Pending

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12/21/17 – Lady is a fun girl and her youth shows! She still pulls on her leash while walking. She loves to play with toys, but then again she thinks everything is a toy! She tends to be grabby around food, still learning that not all food is for her. She is not whiny or barky though. She is a little reserved in the very busy prison dorm until she gets to know those around her. She likes her crate, a safe place to go when she needs a reprieve. She is more of an independent greyhound than a velcro greyhound who must be right at your side. She is happy-go-lucky! Very active. She will let strangers pet her from the rest of the dorm, but sometimes acts a little uncertain of them. She does not like strangers to get eye level with her to pet her, that is threatening. She backs away and hides behind her handler! She loves chew toys! Loves belly rubs.

11/11/17 – Lady was chosen for the prison program because he is confident and friendly. Lady is one of 3 littermates known as “David Bowie” litter – born the day Bowie died. Racing owner has photos to send to adopter from puppy farm! Her right front ankle was never broken, but weakened by racing. Will be fine in regular home environment!