Rebel (Royal Blizzard)
Male, 68#
White, tan, red, brindle
Born June 19, 2015
Tattoos 65A-66804
Cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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3/4/18 – Rebel is doing very well in foster care. Tuesday he will be going to visit a new veterinarian to see if he can be weaned off Prozac, and to find out the gradual process to do this with. Everyone thought Rebel did not know his name, but like many other greyhounds before him, he does! He just fools SOME people into thinking so! The volunteers always say, “Yes, the dogs know their kennel names, It is just YOU that they do not know yet!” So sometimes greys pretend with new people that they do not recognize their name. They begin to respond only as they get to know and trust these new people. After all, they are not the trainer that that has been known for all this time!

Rebel is settling in with all the other foster greyhounds very well. He am a counter surfer so the vet will also make sure that he am parasite free. He’ll let them know if it is just my bad habit of if maybe Rebel is really lacking in nutrition from parasites zapping all the nutrients. He will do anything for a treat. Even try to learn the steps. Rebel is 100% cat safe, and doesn’t even look at them. Today Rebel had a fun play date with all kinds of new greyhounds and new people. They all thought he was so darn cute! He sleeps all night in a crate with no problems. And no house accidents either. Rebel is already accepting applications from pre-approved adopters who think he might be a good fit. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat or not, but you must have a greyhound in your house! That is one thing that went wrong in my last house – no other greyhound. They’d even had 4 greyhounds before Rebel moved in, but none were still alive when they got him. Some greyhounds just need to be around their own. That might be one reason why he jumped that 5 foot fence, in desperation to find another one of his own!

03/01/18 – Rebel was surrendered to Prison Greyhounds from a posting on Craig’s List after his previous owner had bought him un-neutered directly from the race trainer. Rebel must go to a home with another greyhound, or he gets very anxious and can scale a 5 foot fence if very scared and alone. He will be weaned off of Prozac. He’s housebroken, shy, but likes affection after he gets to know you.