Rooster (O Ya Rooster)
Male, 69#
Red fawn (with tan collar)
Born March 3, 2013
Age 3
Tattoos 33A-60620
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted
Special requirements: Needs fenced yard and can not be allowed up on furniture/beds

Status: Available

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10/12/17 – Rooster is doing well. He settled into the routine quickly. He is at the supervised with the cats stage and when his foster family is busy, Rooster is kept separated from the kitties. He is VERY easy to wind up. He gets excited, bounces, prances around and is very excitable. No bad behavior, just a wild man! He is very food motivated and will follow a treat anywhere. He loves to run with his foster brothers and sisters. Highly recommend a fenced yard for him as he needs to work off the energy.

10/08/17 – Rooster is doing well! He will go up and down stairs without any issues and isn’t bothered by slippery floors. He’s also not shy about seeking attention. He loves people and dogs and is slowly learning to love cats. Rooster is called an “affectionate lap dog”, so if that sounds like the sort of hound you’re looking then don’t delay!

Friendly attention seeking boy. Loves people and gets along well with all the other dogs. Working on introduction to the cats. He is interested but only wants to chase if they run. We are working on it. If someone wants a affectionate lap dog he is the one.

10/08/17 – Rooster had to return from a home that recently added a newborn baby. He had lived with a young teen boy and 3 adults. We are looking for an adopter that will not allow Rooster to share their furniture (couches, beds). Rooster was used to being allowed on the furniture, and growled to warn others that he preferred the couch to himself. (You can see how much Rooster really likes his bed space!) Maybe these warnings from Rooster were not understood. He was such a wonderful boy that it was taken for granted that even though Rooster complained, he would never bite.

About a year later, add the newborn to the household. We are guessing that the change brought additional tension, as it would to any home. New sounds, smells, schedule interruptions, one can guess. After the new baby, he finally bit the young teen for the first time as he sat down next to Rooster on the couch. So we are looking for an adopter that will read and follow our advice on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” posted earlier on this Facebook site. Greyhounds seem to also pick up on human emotions more so than other breeds, you could say they are more sensitive. Rooster needs a fairly calm, tension free home (of course we realize that no home is perfect!) He gets along fabulously with the other greyhound he lived with and those he fosters with. He is truly a very sweet boy. Just give him the respect of his own bed, and make him respect your right to your own bed and couches. Sharing these has proven to be a problem for Rooster, just like it is for many others. Sometimes we greyhound adopters forget this good advice and break “the rules”. Some greyhounds/dogs are fine with sharing. But who knows which dogs it will cause future problems with? Meanwhile, Rooster is looking for a forever family.

10/03/16 – Rooster has had a good week. He is a very active, playful dog and knows his name very well. He is eating well and sleeping through the night on a dog bed in his foster family’s bedroom with the other dogs. Speaking of other dogs, he gets along well with all the others. He has figured out that marking in the house is a no-no, but still marks in the yard. He’s even been known to pee on one of his foster siblings but can be easily correct before he does it by calling his name. Rooster is very sweet and affectionate. And while he hasn’t gotten on the couch, he did find the bed to be comfortable. His foster parents are working with him on this and he’ll get down when he sees the water bottle come out. And if he can’t be on the bed, he LOVES his slumberball. He prefers it over any other dog bed and sure hopes his forever family will have one for him!

9/23/16 – Rooster is ready to announce his arrival in Indianapolis. He’s available immediately at the drop site if you’re looking for a beautiful red fawn boy.