Rusty (R’s Irresistible)
Male, 64#
Born February 27, 2016
Tattoos 26E-68117
Not cat friendly
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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04/16/18 – Rusty has settled in and he’s a sweet boy! He is playful and loves toys, but he is not high energy. He has bonded quickly with his foster dad and prefers to stick by his side as much as possible. He’ll occasionally whine if he’s separated from him. The other morning he even made sure to lay down outside of the shower until his foster dad finished up! Rusty is not food aggressive and gets along well with all of his foster siblings. Last night he gave one of the kids several kisses but he has not given us any kisses! What’s funny about Rusty is that when he wants something, he just charges on through. For instance, we had a baby gate up across one of our doorways and he just busted on through like the Kool-Aid man because a gate means nothing to him (understandably). We had a window cracked opened with a screen and something outside got his attention. I’m confident he would have jumped through the screen and out the window if the window was open any further. Don’t worry, we keep our windows shut at all times now, just in case!

What is most awesome about Rusty is that he is EASILY corrected. He is eager to please us. The only thing Rusty is not easily corrected on is jumping up on our bed. He’s discovered how comfy it is, so it is now his favorite place. We always make him hop down when we catch him on it, but he goes right back to it any time he has the opportunity. Rusty has also learned how to climb the stairs on his own. Only, instead of touching each step, he likes to do a giant leap and make it up/down an entire flight in 2 jumps. We obviously don’t want him injured so we’re working with him on actually touching each step. Rusty is in a crate during weekdays when we’re at work and when we need to leave the house. He sleeps on a dog bed in our bedroom every night. Rusty has not had any accidents in the house and he is not destructive. He is still a little skittish with unfamiliar sounds. A few days ago he noticed his reflection in our grandfather clock. That was hilarious because he definitely liked what he saw. He will often stand and gaze lovingly at his own reflection!

4/12/18 – Rusty is settling in to his foster home. As soon as he hopped into the vehicle on new dog day to go to PetPeople, he barked and howled at first. But so far he’s not shown himself to be a noisy dog. His fosters think he may just want to be a Blues Singers instead. The barking lasted a couple of minutes or so and he was quiet the rest of the way home. He rode well in the car, was excited to see the traffic and opted to sit on his side for awhile and then he laid down for the rest of the trip.

At home he is very curious and the first day/night he seemed very nervous. The next day he was already playing and seemed much more relaxed, but as of now he is skittish around random noises. He found the mountain of dog toys we have stacked up on our back deck and he’s made sure to try out every single one of them! He likes to throw them in the air and also “kill” them, shake them and try to pull out the stuffing. He gets along well with all of his foster siblings and he seems to really like his human sister, too. Then again, she’s very respectful of space so she’s not the type of child that will hug all over a new dog and get in their face. If she was, he may not be a fan of kids until he settles in a bit more. He likes to lay in his crate to nap but if we want to actually put him in the crate to leave the house, he likes to trot away from us. When he’s in the crate, he’ll cry like a puppy for a couple minutes but then he’s fine. He’s so young! 🙂 He’s also courageous, he tried to make it up the stairs on his own but got stuck halfway. He’s very curious and wants to see everything.

His foster folk’s first impressions are that he loves to be outside, he is not cat-friendly (he is very interested in the squirrels at our place). He seems most at ease with another dog nearby. Last night he slept with his head up against his foster sister mixed-breed dog Delilah. That’s saying something because she will be 100 dog years old next month so she likes to have her personal space but she did not mind sleeping with her head next to Rusty.

4/10/18 – Rusty is full of it! He’s very outgoing outside and loves to play and roll in the dirt. He normally picks out one of the boys to be his buddy and they play. Often full of mud, but not a jump in your face kind of guy!