Shakedown – AVAILABLE

Shakedown (MM’s Shakedown)
Male, 70#
Red Brindle
Born July 31, 2013
Age 3
Tattoos 73C-61797
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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12/21/17 – Shake Down walks well on a leash. If he starts to pull you, just tell him to slow down. He loves toys, especially his cloth football. He is okay at meal time, except for a barking habit he starts as soon as he sees his food bowl leave the dorm to be filled with kibble. He barks as if bossing everyone around to hurry up with his meal! This greyhound is a barker, unlike most. He will bark at police dogs he sees beyond his fence. He does not like loud noises nor people running past him. He barks at the latter too. He is great at meeting new people, loves everyone. And everyone loves “Shakie”. He loves his crate. He is very active, and he wants to follow you everywhere. He always wants to be the first one out the door to go outside. And when they come in, he insists on being the first one back. So much so that he slides into “the cube” like a baseball player. (The cube is the part of the dorm where their crates and handler’s bunks are.) This habit still remains from his competitive racing days! He plays very well with the other greyhounds.

11/11/17 – Shakedown was chosen for the prison program because he is confident and friendly. He’s also food aggressive per his trainer. So be aware that when his food dish is in front of him, don’t take it away until it’s empty. Feed him separate from any other pets.