Six Pack (Abs Six Pack)
Male, 69#
Born August 2, 2013
Tattoos 83A-61798
No cats. No small dogs.
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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02/18/18 – Great house manners! A very easy going dog. Six Pack loves humans, but needs canine companionship too. Some greyhounds just do. His first adopter returned him only because of that reason. So he was adopted a second time. Sadly, it did not work out either. He started getting territorial around the children. He had never even snarled in prison, nor at his foster home, nor at his first adopters home. Yet something made him uncomfortable.(Sometimes adoption groups never figure these things out.)

We are delighted to say that when he was returned to us, he is back to his happy, normal temperament, very calm and settled. We have not seen any of the previous problems he displayed at his last house. He is fostering in an adult home. Six Pack is very outgoing, and easy to walk on leash. He rides well in a car. Six Pack is back to his normal, happy self. No issues to report – not even growling at foster folks, Erin and Ryan. They can hug on him and get in his face and he just keeps coming back for more attention. They can regularly pet him while on his bed during the day, and he is fine. Obviously no touching while he is sleeping, but he likes to hang out in foster mom’s office during the day, so occasionally she’ll reach over and pet him and he is fine. He will also try to cuddle with foster mom while she is on the floor.

2/5/18 Six Pack is available! More on his story is forthcoming!

11/12/17 – Six Pack (Abs Six Pack) – male, black, tattoos 83A-61798, born 8/2/2013, Weight 69 #, probably not good with cats or real small dogs. Confident, very friendly, very outgoing: Graduated from the prison program. Needs a home with another canine companion. Easy going, rides well in car. Likes children. Very playful. Easy adoption for anyone who already has a dog at home.

08/22/17 – Six Pack is mellow and laid back yet playful. He wasn’t a fan of the fire drill they had at the prison because the lights were very bright. But he’s easy on a leash and settling into retirement well.

8/7/17 – Six Pack was chosen for the prison program because he is confident and friendly.