Zeta (Duron Zeta)
Female, 60#
Born August 7, 2013
Tattoos 83C-61937
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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8/22/17 – Zeta is doing very well. Her foster mom has been makings sure Zeta spends some quality outdoor time with her foster canines. As a result, she has had no accidents in the house. Sometimes a girl just needs a little extra time to make sure she’s done with her business! Zeta needs a fenced yard to play in and a family or foster canine siblings to bond with. She is very sweet, she’s friendly without being pushy and is just no problem. Zeta kids and gets along with my dogs very well. She did fine at a M/G this past Saturday. She eats well and is not aggressive around food. She is a darling little girl! She comes with her own Gini’s Greyhound coat. She’s currently on hookworm medication and we can advise on her medications.

08/19/17 – Zeta was returned through no fault of her own as her young adopter was transferred out of state and cannot provide her the home she needs. She does does best with a fenced yard where she can stretch her legs.

12/19/16 – Zeta did great at the meet and greet this weekend! She loved meeting non-greyhound dogs and by the end of the meet and greet she was even being more open with people. She even went right up to event coordinator when she arrived with her hound. It might have been that Zeta sniffed out the treats in her pocket! Zeta also does well with the Christmas tree and though she is curious about the ornaments she listens when told no. Such a good girl!

11/28/16 – Zeta is doing well! She has mastered the stairs, even the two scary wooden steps in the garage. She has not had any accidents in the house and is sleeping better through the night though she takes a little while to settle down at night. Retirement days are so exciting!

She takes corrections very well, saying her name in a stern voice is all it takes to get her to stop what she is doing with the exception of begging for human food. She has learned that paws and noses do not belong on the counters.

Zeta is curious, especially of the dog she sees watching her from the fridge and oven – she stares at it often sometimes whimpering and sometimes wagging her tail. She is fascinated by her reflection but who wouldn’t love to stare at this beauty! She is also curious about the noisy dog next door, but she was told she could not put her paws on the fence so she jumps up and down about 3 feet from the fence trying to see over it instead!

Though curious around the house and with other animals she is hesitant when meeting new people, she prefers to stand next to or behind her foster people when new people are around and leaves the greeting to her foster sibling. She is also startled by loud noises and sudden movements like pots and pans, the garage door, and moving blankets although she is starting to acclimate to all of these new things and they are becoming less startling.

11/20/16 – Zeta is adjusting very quickly! After a busy day at the drop, she fell asleep on the car ride home. The first thing she did when we got in the house was go straight to the living room and investigate the toys. Her preference so far seems to be squeaky toys that will flop around when she shakes them and tosses them in the air.

Last night with some treats and guidance got her up the stairs and this morning she went up on her own! Such a smart girl! She decided her first night in retirement was a party and spent some of it exploring her foster family’s bedroom. She even decided to hold her own mini-retirement-race and ran around the room a bit. Her foster family is hoping that her night time excitement will settle down after the first night!

Zeta is very interested in food and she hovers around when her people are eating. She thought perhaps paws were allowed on the kitchen counters but found she got a a firm NO instead. Food is good, but she prefers being obedient and so has taken the corrections well.

11/19/16 – Zeta is excited to be one of the Home for the Hoilday’s haul dogs. She’s available immediately and looking for her forever family.