Zinnia (Turbo Zinnia)
Female, 59#
Born 11/15/13
Age 3
Tattoos 113C-62702
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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08/22/17 – Zinnia went to Notre Dame this weekend! She saw all the sites – the Golden Dome, the football stadium, and of course “Touchdown Jesus!” There were lots of people on campus, as it was move in weekend for the students. Zinnia was happy to meet all of them and stop for their affection. She was tired after all of her travels around campus, so she decided to find a shady spot and sit down even though her foster parents thought they should keep walking. However, we all decided we could take a break and sat down with her, grabbed a cool drink of water, and headed home after a short little break. She did very well on the ride back to Indianapolis too. She slept the whole time. She even jumps in the car now!

08/07/17 – Zinnia continues to do well in her foster home. She was a great helper on New Dog Day. She really helped with Abbott in easing some of his anxiety. Zinnia watched a few non-greys at the dog wash and whined a bit, but no barking, no snapping, no jumping. She had expended all of her energy at the drop site, so by the time she got to the pet store and saw another dog she didn’t have the energy to react. This seems to be the pattern for Zinnia. Tired = no reaction. Full of energy = big reaction. She absolutely LOVES being outside, and now that it is cooler, she gets to lounge in the yard a lot more. She would probably sleep out there all day if her foster mom would let her.

She’s learned all the house rules – don’t get into foster sister’s food bowl, don’t wake Mom and Dad up in the middle of the night and don’t beg for food. Her foster sister grey really gets along with her – so much in fact that they were caught sleeping next to each other!

7/21/17– Zinnia has proven herself to not be as leash reactive as we all thought she was.  She will never be a leash-walk only dog, but she has shown that she can be leash walked without any issues.  The key is that Zinnia has to have a yard to play in and release some of her energy.  Now that she is in a home with a yard and can run and play, she has not exhibited the signs of leash reactivity that she did when she was a leash-walk only dog.  So a yard is a must for her!  She thinks it is great too because she loves being outside.  Her foster folks still take precautions and muzzle her while they have her on a leash, but she has gone on many walks and even gone to a brewery with lots of other types of dogs and had no issues. Zinnia has also shown that she can be friends with other types of animals and children too.  While her foster parents went out of town for the weekend, she was able to stay with another foster family.  There are two kids, a greyhound, a non-greyhound dog, and a cat in their house.  Zinnia got along with everyone!

7/11/17 – Zinnia is a very happy, playful girl. She absolutely LOVES to be outside and will run around, even if she only has limited space. She frequently tries to play with her foster sister, which is quite funny because her sister couldn’t care less about playing with her. She is eating well and has not had a single accident in the house. She rides very well in the car.

Zinnia didn’t mind the fireworks, but she whined when she heard other dogs barking at them. A neighbor has a new dog who LOVES to bark and Zinnia was very curious at first when we would let her out but she could hear him barking on the other side of the fence. She’s gotten over it though, and doesn’t pay too much attention to him now.

She is very affectionate and loves people. She does whine a bit when one of us leaves the house, even if the other one is still here. She loves to pick up and move squeaky toys, but hasn’t quite figured out the “squeaky” part yet.

7/3/17 – Zinnia arrived in May and was adopted immediately. She had done very well in her new home except for one big problem that ended up being irreconcilable. Zinnia needs a home with a fenced yard that she can run in and sadly her adopter was not able to build one where she lives as it’s not allowed. This is important for Zinnia because it was discovered that she am leash reactive. Some call it dog reactive. (Always when she sees a non-greyhound of course. Like most greyhounds, I respond very well to the sight of another greyhound. Greyhounds are a “different” breed after all, they prefer our own!) Some behaviorist call her problem transferred aggression. It is a fear reaction inside of her.

Zinnia feels vulnerable when she is walking on a leash and she sees another non-greyhound canine. She loses her mind and dogs like me often escalate until they sometimes bite the one holding the leash or the other greyhound sibling that they live with and who is also walking next to them on leash. And that is what happened. She was not in her normal mind, nor was she even aware that she was biting the ones she loves. That is what leash reactive, transferred aggression is. My adopter cried many tears but knows that she need a home where she can run in the yard instead of relying on leash walks. She was trying to train Zinnia out of this reaction, but then a big dog was running loose off leash. (Running loose, despite all the leash laws.) That put her over her threshold.

Other than this “issue” Zinnia am a perfect lady. She gets along fabulously with her other greyhound. She’s affectionate and normally laid back and easy going. In Daytona, she did take advantage of any holes near the bottom of the fence and would scooch underneath to go where she wasn’t supposed to. Maybe that was her other fault? But just make sure your fence is in good repair, and she will be happy to stay inside it! Zinnia comes with a comfortable muzzle, so when you have to leash her up to visit the vet, just muzzle her in case there are non-greyhound dogs that scare her. She’s also microchipped now.

Zinnia was a repaired fracture, but she’s all better now. Sometimes, until a dog actually moves into a home, you can’t be 100% certain that it will work. No shame or blame in returning – it gives the greyhound a chance to find a new home where she can better fit. And another greyhound will go to Zinnia’s first home and be happy forever.