Hazel (GS Hazel)
Female, 55#
Born February 1, 2014
Age 3
Tattoos 24A-63154
Cat friendly with proper introductions
Fully vetted

Status: Available

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8/7/17 – Hazel is a repaired fracture who had to be returned amidst a flurry of tears. Her foster mom reports Hazel is a sweetheart. She is very playful and likes to pull every toy out. She gets along great with their other 3 female greyhounds. She loves to eat, but doesn’t bother the other dogs if they are still eating. Hazel was crated the first night (standard routine at this foster home) but not since. Hazel let her foster dad check her teeth when he noticed they looked bad. She had a recent dental, but Hazel’s teeth are stained. Hazel is available immediately!