Ace – (Flying Aces Wild) – female, red fawn, tattoos 26F-68907, 61#, tested cat tolerable, but after seeing her reaction to some very small dogs we are not so sure anymore?! Born Feb. 25, 2016. Age 4. Brags of 146 races with 19 wins, 18 second places. Grade A racer. Ace is fully vetted.

9/1/20 – Ace is doing much better after getting stabilized on her reduced dosage of medications and having some time to chill out.  She is now eating regular dog kibble.  She does still get a small amount of soft food, mixed in warm water, as we’re also putting the psyllium in her food at each meal. We put her medications in her soft food to mask the terrible taste of the antibiotic…. Ace attended a private greyhound play date.  We warned everyone not to pet her or approach her.  We also knew that all the dogs would be muzzled, so nobody could get bit.  We were curious to see how she would do.  She did amazingly well.  There were 9 dogs and 8 humans, and Ace got along with everyone.  She loved running around with the other greyhounds, and even started going up to people looking for pets.  We told everyone that if she came up to them, they could gently pet her, but no belly rubs.  We had no issues and no snapping!  She had a blast…….We went on a walk last evening.  A small dog did come charging at us. from his electric fence.  I had a short leash on Ace, and while she was interested and reacted at first (honestly, all 3 greyhounds did), she quickly redirected her attention and walked away.  I did not have to pull or yell. Overall, she’s making great progress. She returns to her new veterinarian on Sept. 29

Ace arrived 4/11/2020 on our first covid haul. Donations through “A Ticket Home” campaign helped us to bring her to Indy, and paid her veterinary expenses for spay/dental. Because of the urgency of covid, we pre-adopted Ace, in effort to fill the haul and bring up 30 greyhounds. Her first adopters are greyhound savvy, had 4 previous greyhounds, but it just goes to show that not every dog fits into every home. (This also does not mean the home is inappropriate for another greyhound.) Although Ace is great with greyhound friends, Ace did not really like the real small Italian Greyhounds, nor some of the other miniature breeds that visited. She was not a fan of having the young grandchildren crawl on “her” floor either. Ace got off to a rough start. Unfortunately we were not aware. Or we would have suggested the greyhound just needs to be rehomed. The family vet apparently did not recognize that some of the stress the greyhound felt was normal ‘new-greyhound-transitioning-off-the-track-and-kennels’. The family vet mistakenly attributed her stressful reaction and inability to blend right into the home as evidence that she had been abused at the track, and sort of a PTSD. We knew nothing could be further from the truth, but we were not there to explain it to him. Her problems started AFTER she arrived, as Ace was trying to tell us she just needed a quieter, calmer home. And probably a different choice of canine siblings than Italian greyhounds (cute as they may be!). Instead the dog was placed on a daily dose of Trazadone and Prozac. We at Prison Greyhounds believe that if a newly arrived greyhound needs Prozac medication to adjust to a home, they just need a different home. The veterinarian also placed Ace on special gastrointestinal prescription food, which does not meet the requirements of an ex-racer. So we are starting her back on more appropriate kibble. We are going to run a stool sample on Ace, as we suspect she still has hookworm. The prescription dog foods have their purposes, but in most cases by far, they are not a good choice for greyhounds. These athletes are different, even after they retire. We attribute some of her stress also to the misunderstanding that her dietary needs were different from other greyhounds.

So Foster Director Erin Jesswein is holding Ace until we can work with different veterinarian to wean her off these medications. The Prozac has to be reduced gradually. We are going to allow Ace the time she needs to return to her normal, nonstressed, happy self. If we have a pre-approved adopter that is interested to know more of her story, and how she communicated her stress until finally it became apparent she needs to return, we will talk with you. (After you are pre-approved so we can better determine if you are a good fit for pretty little Ace.)

She returned 8/21/2020 and is already starting to relax in a calmer home. She LOVES affection, is getting along very well with the Jesswein’s 2 greyhounds. Her fur is ultra-soft. She loves to be right with you. More frequent updates will be given on Facebook. Please follow us there.