Archie (Atta Boy Archie) – male, brindle, (20D-74419). Archie arrived 12/4/21. He was born 2/14/2020 – on Valentine’s Day! Zero races. This boy just wants to play! He is already neutered, fully vetted. Plays with stuffies. He collects them on a dog bed, then promptly lays down on top of his treasure pile. Tries to sleep on his collection. Maybe he thinks he is cleaning up for Foster Mom! He is a bit jumpy at new sounds: zipper sounds, nylon coat sounds, big items one may be carrying, etc. He is startled by any new noise and even some he has heard before.  He will back away from any new object and requires a lot of patience before he will come up and smell it. He is ready to run if Foster Mom corrects another one of the dogs in a loud voice. He’ll make a great dog once he gets learns “home sounds”. Loved inspecting the outside. Not scared of hardwood floors – mastered them right away! Has a very waggy tail! Draws security from being around the other greyhounds.  He is good at a small number of stairs but is still working on going up a long flight.  He has come down twice by himself.  He is crated all night, and does well with it, since he has learned that there is a treat involved!  He is very food motivated.  He likes attention but will not come up and ask for it yet.  Corrects very easily with a NO. Right now, our early recommendation would be for a QUIET, calmer house.  Absolutely needs another greyhound for reassurance.  He has seen the cats, but has only been allowed to quickly sniff them as he walks by to go outside.  Foster home will be working on that later.  Right now he is so timid with new things we really can’t get a read on how he will be with the cats when he gets comfortable. In the Sunburst Kennel, Archie tested “cat workable”. That means …. only if you have experience, and patience.