Available Greyhounds

Eight of our greyhounds are being fostered, trained on basic house manners, and loved at Putnamville Correctional Facility, a medium security prison for men in Greencastle, Indiana. Each greyhound has a team of 2 specially selected offender-handlers. They assume total care for transitioning these dogs from a professional athlete to a family pet, in preparation for a successful adoption. Our greyhound savvy volunteers coach the men and check on their progress weekly at Dog Meetings. We chose Putnamville because they have great staff, who value this program, and want the best future for these dogs as well as their handlers.

Prison dogs will graduate and go home to their adopters approximately two months after arrival. We accept adoption applications while the dog is incarcerated. A nonrefundable adoption fee of $350 will hold your dog (as adoption-pending) but he must still finish the entire program. The date for Dog Adoption Day (when your greyhound comes home to his family) is scheduled to coincide with the next new greyhound arrivals that will take their place, so the exact time varies.

Approximately every other month we bring up more available greyhounds.  If you would like to meet them on arrival please send us an email requesting details. We are accepting applications now.

To read the individual greyhound profiles, click on their name from the drop down menu bar. For more frequent updates, you will want to follow us on Facebook. Your nonrefundable adoption fee can be transferred to another greyhound if you discover that the one you first chose is not a good fit. We want your adoption to work out well for everyone involved, including the greyhound!

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