Sally (Lee Sally) – female, black with white frosting on her face, born 3/12/14. She is 5. Tattoos 34D-63509. Sally was a grade A racer. She was the 2016 Orange Park Marathon Challenge finalist. She is from the Flying Penske line. And Sally retired in 2016. She has just been “hanging around on the farm, enjoying retirement” for the last few years. She is very sweet. She does have a wonky leg that is not repairable. We are not sure how she broke it, but it is healed now and should be left “as is”. It does not bother her. She can still climb stairs – not a problem! Adopter must accept her leg, and not think that a surgeon should straighten it out. Sally is coming up on the Home For The Holidays Haul, our next haul. But we will begin accepting applications for her on New Dog Day.