Winter (PJ Midnight Lute) female, red, 61#, born 4/15/17. Tattoos 47B-70248.  Cat tolerable. Originally she was chosen to be a prison dog because of her friendly, outgoing, steady confidence. But we could only put 8 in the prison, so she received a pardon. She has immediate availability as a home foster.

12/1/19 – Winter is a smiler! She pulls her teeth back and wrinkles her nose! When she smiles, she shows her teeth and scrunches her nose. (Her adopters need to know this is how she smiles, and she’s not growling or trying to bite.) It’s super cute!!  She will whine when she wants to go out, and has no accidents in the house. She also like to meet people and give kisses. Winter is so sweet. This young girl is a chewer, so she needs some appropriate, durable things to chew on. (We can make recommendations.) Currently, she is not too sure about the toys that squeak!