BANSHEE – (greyhound mix) – male, sable with stunning black on muzzle, ears, eyes.  Born in July 2021, so a youngster of 14 months. Weighs 56 pounds. Full of energy and laughs! He has one radar ear that stays up most of the time. What a handsome boy. Banshee is friendly and likes kids. Unknown today if he is cat tolerable, we will need to test ourselves this weekend at the Huletts foster home. Vaccines are all current, but he will need to see Dr Carter to finish his vetting with a neuter and dental, which we will pay for. He has been fully dewormed before we got him, which we will also confirm with another fecal test at neuter. The SNAP Heartworm test proved that we have no concerns where that is concerned. He ‘may’ have slightly diminished vision in his right eye – Dr Carter will check on that also. Banshee is one of our first greyhounds available for adoption that we acquired “beyond the races”. Available very soon to pre-approved adopters in Indiana….so what are you waiting for? Applications can be found ONLY on our website, and that is where you can also learn about our adoption process.