Bella Beloved (lurcher) – She is 7 years old, weighs 53 pounds. Born 10/31/2015. Bella is red with white stripe highlighting her sweet muzzle. Bella’s opinion on cats is still being decided. She has met some that she did not care for during her first 2 weeks of home transition. But now that she has settled into a new home, with new cats, we ‘might’ label her as “cat tolerable” or “cat workable”. So, just for today, we call her “cat selective”! Dogs? – She loves, as long as they are not a strongly dominating female. She could probably also thrive as an only dog in an adopter’s house. She loves to lean on people for affection! Sweet girl, rides well in a car and even jumps into the car herself! Surprisingly – she has a curly tail, must be from the coon hound side of her. She was very calm during her dremmel nail trim. And like most of the new lurchers, she slept through the night from the first day of her arrival! Playful, but goes right into her crate and settles down when the time comes. Her adopter should plan to crate her only temporarily, as long as necessary during her transition, letting her earn her freedom from the crate as she proves trustworthy. (And Bella will prove trustworthy.) She is energetic for a 7 year old, if compared to an NGA greyhound. (We find that the lurchers really do “age slower” than the NGA greyhounds! And therefore they tend to live longer!) She gets so proud of her zoomies in the yard, and she wants you to praise her for her impressive run! She has learned to slow down from pulling and to enjoy her walk! Bella gravitates to people – pretty friendly and affectionate, very cute. We have a Note to The Adopter from Bella’s previous field trial owner. It explains how she would calm her beloved Bella down with a gentle massage. So… this lurcher is named Bella Beloved because of the way her field trial owner felt about her. That’s why she made the tough decision to retire Bella so that she could find her own couch, in her own forever home. Do you have the couch for Bella?