Bella – female, red brindle, (40G-74530) born April 2020. So not even 2 years old! Never raced. Bella arrived 12/4/21. She is a very shy greyhound. Needs another greyhound in the house to help her transition.  She is already spayed, fully vetted. She is a very sweet girl who is slowly overcoming her fear of new situations. She would be happy to stay in her crate all day if allowed – it is her safe space. So foster folks are giving her extra reassurance that life after the greyhound farms and kennels is still good! Being a family pet can still be fun, and also safe. The good news is that she is happy in the crate when foster folks leave the house, and that she is also super cat safe. They are encouraging Bella to explore, and also just to be with them. This transition is deliberately being very slow, with lots of positive affirmation. She will need a patient and quiet home even after fully transitioned to home life. But we know that Bella will eventually come out of her shell. She is food motivated and makes the sweetest, tiniest chatter sound when you offer her an extra tasty treat! It’s so cute.