Doc Benson

Benson (Doc Benson) – Special needs male greyhound lurcher – Benson aka Doc, 3½ years old, was born 9/23/2019. (He responds faster to the name Doc than he does Benson.) He weighs 56 pounds. He is a friendly happy boy. Benson saw a Canine Ophthalmologist at Dayton MedVet. He has an immature cataract in his left eye, and the vet suspects he is starting with PRA in both eyes – Progressive Retinal Atrophy (which leads to total loss of vision). There is no way to slow the process, no surgery, no treatment that can resolve it. So we are seeking a person willing to adopt a special needs hounds, one who will someday be blind. Doc Benson retired from the field trial races, due to his vision problems, on 2/9/2023. He is small dog and cat tolerable!  He is fostering in Ohio. If he is not adopted prior to April 1, he will attend the Springboro, Ohio PetPeople Meet & Greet from 11:00-1:00. There are so many great reasons to adopt a special needs dog. Doc Benson is priceless!! Despite his visual impairments, he’s confident, trusting and sweet, bonding immediately with people. He’s curious, outgoing and happy. He LOVES food, walking on leash, and affection (not necessarily in that order). He is eager to learn new things. Stairs are a little intimidating, but he is slowly learning how to navigate them. Currently, his favorite toy is a stuffed caterpillar. Benson sleeps through the night in a crate, mostly because his foster home has quite a few dogs. He hangs out in the crate during parts of the day, also. It’s likely his safe spot during times of noise and commotion. He is fully vetted. Maybe Doc Benson didn’t go to medical school, but he’s smart enough to graduate!!!  He is housebroken and communicates his need to go outside with a bark. Doc (he prefers this name over Benson) has been going to the office with Foster Mom Mary every day. It is a good place where he can decompress, and he rides well in a car. (He is much happier with just one or two other dogs. Right now, still being new in his environment with his vision impairment, being in his foster home with a lot of other dogs loose overwhelms him.) At the office, Doc hangs out on a dog bed and passes the day away. His adoption will include a copy of the BEST BOOK we have found that is available for those who have adopted a vision impaired dog; “My Dog Is Blind – but lives life to the full!” by Hubble & Hattie. This book will convince you that most of all, a blind dog just needs to be allowed to simply be a DOG! Doc Benson has enough vision left to transition well into a new adopter’s home. He will build a mental map of his new environment. Both inside his new home, as well as his neighborhood walking path on leash with you, and even off leash within a fenced in yard! Yes, he can learn to safely romp in his own back yard off leash. So don’t procrastinate! Doc Benson deserves a special needs adopter with a heart big enough to match his own! You will never regret your commitment. – Doc Benson (greyhound lurcher). Status: available, special needs as vision impaired PRA dog, cat and small dog tolerable, would be good with kids who know how to respect dogs.