Beyonce (Jay’s Beyonce) – female, black, born April 19, 2017. Weighs 62#. Cat tolerable! Tattoos 47F-70352.  This is a shy greyhound, will need patient adopter to give her time to transition on her own terms. Shy-ish, yet she was a Grade AA racer at Wheeling Downs. 37 races with 8 wins. Interesting statistics on Greyhound Data show the Beyonce was first in her very first race, then 9th on her final race Nov. 10, 2019. That would be 9th out of 8 contenders. The comment says she just “quit” meaning she never finished. Sunburst kennel workers tell us Beyonce will stand back when time to crate but “will come around”. Needs quieter home; no young kids. She will not come to you if she does not yet know you! Will need to see Dr Carter for spay/dental. We pay vetting expense; adopter transports to vet and picks up after surgery. Current on vaccines.

5/27/20 – Cat safe! Beyonce is a cat safe sweet girl that requires patience, a calm home, and a fenced yard. She is a sweet girl – just scared. For the right adopter, one who will allow the trust to evolve, and not expect Beyonce to be on their time frame, she will be precious. We used to tell the offender-handlers “You can never go too slow, but you can always go too fast for them” when they worried about a dog not progressing as fast as the rest of the pack. If you try, it just puts them in reverse. – So let Beyonce transition on her own schedule.

She LOVES her crate – that is her safe spot. (There is a silver lining. This obviously means that she crates well when Foster Mom leaves for work). We suggest that when the adopter is home, you let her have access to her crate 24/7 by leaving the crate door propped open. She will hide in the back of the crate until she feels secure enough to venture out and explore. Sudden movements will send her scurrying back to the crate.


But she will eventually transition. She tested “cat workable” in Sunburst Kennel, but Beyonce shows no interest in the cats whatsoever. So we promoted her to cat safe/cat tolerable….Amazingly, she is an excellent leash walker whether alone or with another dog. Beyonce is actually willing to go on leash walks! She totally matches your stride and is a dream. She will not potty on leash though, which is a result of her feeling vulnerable about scattering her scent around. She does her all business in the back yard, therefore we require her adopter to have a fenced in yard. She will not transition well without it. On her walks (as of day number 11 from arrival) she doesn’t show curiosity …doesn’t stop and sniff. She will react and startle a little if there is a loud noise, but settles down very quickly. Beyonce is 62 pounds so pretty easy to handle. She eats well (also in her crate for now). She prefers the water pail in her crate to the one in the house for now. Beyonce has mastered stairs! YIPPEE! Thank you Foster Mom Leigh Anne for coaxing her on this skill. She is starting to take treats from Foster Mom’s hand. Although she still thinks the crate is the best spot in the house, she does not cower in the back of it anymore. She is more relaxed, not just hiding.