Billio (PS Smoke M Up) is male, white and red with ticking. Tattoos 73B-61704, born 7/23/13. Age 7. Very handsome. Around 80#?  Kid friendly as long as the kid is nice & respectful! Billio is goofy, and loves to play and get attention. He’s like a big puppy dog. He’s a cuddler for sure. He is very food motivated, also. He needs a little work on the leash as he sometimes pulls pretty hard, but in general he is not unmanageable. Tested cat friendly in Daytona, but past adopter says probably not cat safe, might be worth retesting. Arrived July 2015. Billio was chosen for the prison program because he is confident, friendly. He graduated from Class # 16. He returned after 6 years of adoption because the adopters children were diagnosed with serious medical challenges. Billio badly needs a dental visit to Dr Carter, which we will pay for. Comes with his own really nice winter coat from K9 Voyagers ( Billio has proven he can be trusted without needing a crate. He has been allowed to roam free throughout the house (except a couple rooms) and he follows the rules.