Bronte (Arkans BD Bronte) – male, black, born Dec. 18, 2016. Weighs 75#. No cats. Tattoos 126E-69741. Bronte is a HUGE SMILER!!! 77 races, retired early due to covid track closures. Bronte is doing very well.  He is a real cutie!  He eats his meals with gusto (to put it mildly lol!)  There have been no accidents in the house.  He is learning to walk nicely on the leash.  No problems being in the crate (he mildly resists going in, but is easily convinced).  He has slept through the night from day one, not in the master bedroom but in a living area with the 2 resident greyhounds.  No whining.  No issues with hard floors.  Doesn’t seem to have any personal space issues.  He smiles like a crazy man!  He can get pretty wound up when excited. Foster Mom Holly Brunner is trying to encourage calm interactions. Bronte is MAJORLY curious, so his nose goes EVERYWHERE.  Counter surfing is an issue being worked on.  He hasn’t actually jumped up on any counters, so that’s a good thing.  Also he follows Foster Mom everywhere, but doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety at all. All in all, he’s a great dog.  He’ll make a wonderful companion. He could probably be an only dog. He gets along well with other greyhounds as long as he is fed separately, and favorite toys are put away until the pack has bonded. Just so he does not become possessive, but has a better understanding of “mine” and ‘yours”. Probably no real young kids, who are not old enough to understand this. Needs an adopter that understands not to play tug of war, nor allow him up on beds or furniture; i.e. not an adopter that always lets Bronte set the rules. (But not a heavy handed Cesar Milan style disciplinarian either! Greyhounds are too sensitive for that!) Loves meeting new people. Walks very well on leash, does not pull. Will need to see Dr Carter for neuter/dental. We pay vetting expense; adopter transports to vet and picks up after surgery. Current on vaccines.