Bye Bye


Update 7/18/21 – Bye Bye (Fly T Rock N Bye) – female, brindle, tattoos 107D-71201. Born 10/3/17, so Bye Bye is 3½. Her weight is 70 pounds. She ran 75 races. We think she could do well as an only dog, or with a small number of easy going dogs that can accept her sometimes “bossy” attitude. Very affectionate, outgoing, happy, and a great companion for people. (She is unpredictable around children, especially those have not learned to refrain from hugging dogs.)  Originally she got grumpy with other female dogs, But has since then learned to be compatible with foster home’s female greyhound. We noticed a BIG attitude improvement after Bye Bye got spayed! But she can thrive in a house with just people, or even just a greyhound or two.  Needs a 5-foot high fenced-in yard to burn off steam, and prowl for squirrels. Bye Bye loves DURABLE toys! She loves to chew. She loves, loves, loves to play fetch and to make toys squeak. Throw her a ball for 10 minutes and you are her best friend! She even brings it back. Smart, inquisitive, loves to explore. She crates well when foster folks are gone. In her crate she likes X-large wishbone shaped Benebones. Bacon flavor please! Needs to learn better leash manners, but making progress! She is fully vetted with spay/dental/microchip. Housebroken, has had no accidents inside since she first arrived on March 20. She likes to go to bed early (before 8pm). Most greyhounds do best with another greyhound in the same house, but she is the 1% that could be happy even as an only dog. Surely there is some adopter who plans to only have one dog in the home? No cats. No children.