Cotton (Cotton Plant) – male, brindle. Born 5/25/19. (59H-73637). Weighs 71 #. Two races. Cat tolerable.

Cotton is doing very well. Cotton was adopted out for a year, and unfortunately returned because of an undetected injury he got in a squirrel fight. He had a deep painful puncture that was not discovered (not even by his veterinarian) until AFTER he returned. Now, Cotton is fully healed, and he has returned to his previous happy, calm, gentle, friendly personality. He is getting along with the greyhounds and non-greyhounds in his foster home. Cotton shows no interest in the cat. He is playful and interested in toys. He eats and sleeps well. Cotton is a very affectionate boy with a great temperament. His ear injury is healed well and he is cooperative even when asked to wear his muzzle in the yard ( A precaution, in case the playtime gets energetic with so many dogs running in the yard.) He rides very nicely in the car and is well mannered. He follows directions. Cotton has responded well to limits and boundaries from a human leader. He sometimes needs reminded that he can’t eat people food though! He should do well in a home with other dogs, or on his own as the only dog. Worth noting: Cotton hasn’t needed to be crated. He is a strong young dog, so and he could definitely use some leash training or maybe a Julius K9 Power Harness. He is fully vetted, current on all vaccines, but we will send him to Dr Carter for a dental and microchip.