Bolt (XT’s Bolt) – male, black, tattoos 76C-69302. Born 7/16/16, so he is 4½ . Weight 75#. Bolt boasts of 142 races with 14 wins and 25 second places. There are several photos from his racing days at Wheeling Island posted on Greyhound Data. The XT in his racing name stands for Xtrem Hess Racing, the kennel he came from. Since his last race on Dec. 13, Bolt has had a bad limp. He finished 8th in that race. He was bumped/ collided on the turn. We think he might have a broken toe that could need surgical removal by Dr Carter. (Just an educated guess; he was given time and rest, yet the limp never went away.). He will also get a neuter/dental/microchip when Dr Carter takes care of his toe. So we are calling Bolt “special needs”. (He has also been called Enson) No cats.