Freak (Hi Noon Freak) – male, black, born Jan. 15, 2015, Age 5½. Weight 71#. No cats. Tattoos 15C-65737. An equally impressive performance like his littermate Fuel: 216 races with 24 wins, and 23 second places as a Grade A racer at Sanford Orlando. Last race also on March 16. Both littermates are buddies, and both have A Ticket Home on this haul, but do not have to be adopted together. Mostly they just want to be close to their people! Both share the same sweet dispositions. They are both good boys who just want to be loved on! Fully vetted before arrival.

5/27/20 – Update from the Foster Home: “Freak is doing great! He just wants to be near us…as close as he can get sometimes! He mastered going down the stairs within a couple days. Going up was a little more challenging. After lots of practice and watching his foster brother greyhound Kane climb the stairs repeatedly, Freak finally figured it out. We were all upstairs and he wanted to be near us. The next thing we knew he was upstairs with us! I guess being near us was worth taking on those scary stairs.”… Freak has no food issues, he is not protective of his food when the other greyhound is around. He walks well on a leash. Freak didn’t even pull when he watched a bunny run across the yard!!! He goes in the crate at night, begrudgingly, but sleeps through the night. He does need a late night bedtime snack to sleep through the night. Freak gets a large milk bone treat before bedtime.  (This is a tip from the trainers back at the kennels, just so the racers are not sleeping on an empty stomach.) That seems to do the trick in his foster home also. Freak is very friendly with the small kids in the neighborhood too. All in all, he is acting like a mature 5½ year old greyhound!