Future of Prison Greyhounds

As we explained already on this site, greyhounds are scarce, and the prison element to our program had to be stopped. So where does Prison Greyhounds adoption group go from here? …. We remain a greyhound adoption group. The flow has slowed down dramatically, but we still receive greyhounds that need adoption. Our name will remain the same, even though we are not able to return the program to the prison. We keep the name “Prison Greyhounds” because past adopters and volunteers will always need to know how to reach us. Prison Greyhounds is our registered, trademarked, copyrighted name. All of our adopters sign an adoption contract that binds them to return their dog ONLY to us, “if” the greyhound ever needs to be re-homed. They cannot sell, adopt out, or give away their greyhound to another individual, relative, group, or shelter. Even if they have moved out of state. (If the previous adopter has a recommendation of someone that they think wants their greyhound, they can give us a good referral, which we take into consideration.) As an adoption group, we just want to ensure that the returned greyhound goes to a good, appropriate home that understands this unique breed. We handle all vet expense which a returning dog usually needs. We also receive returns of greyhounds that we have not adopted out, if the circumstances warrant. Like if the original adopting group no longer exists, or waives their right to rehome the dog. Yes….We will continue to foster new available greyhounds, and greyhounds that need to be rehomed. We will happily do this in foster homes, but sadly we can no longer continue the prison program.

Thank you for being there as part of our journey. We are still here for you, and for your greyhounds. We are glad that you came along with us!