Future of Prison Greyhounds

NGA greyhounds are very scarce, and the prison element to our program had to stop. So where does Prison Greyhounds adoption group go from here? …. We fell in love with the greyhound lurcher! 

These retired ‘greyhound’ racers (of the unregulated field trial races) are often overlooked, forgotten.  Not by their field trial trainers – but by our long time adopters and volunteers.  We just never thought about them!?!

But the need has changed. Prison Greyhounds found a way to rebrand ourselves without losing our original purpose. We stumbled upon a fairly steady source of greyhound-mix dogs, only a few hours away. We are honored to partner with the American Lurcher Project. Funds that would have been spent on long distance transport can be shifted to veterinary expenses.  Especially as we pick up more special needs hounds.  Just when we feared our mission of adoptions might be coming to a silent halt, we heard the plea of the greyhound lurcher.

Our name remains the same, even though we are not able to return the program to the prison. We keep the name “Prison Greyhounds” because past adopters and volunteers will always need to know how to reach us.

Prison Greyhounds is our registered, trademarked name.  We rebranded and trademarked a newer version of our logo to include lurcher adoptions. Our new tag line is “…beyond the race.”

Thank you for being there as part of our journey. We are still here for you, and for your greyhounds. We are glad that you came along with us! Stick around and YOU will soon fall in love with these field trial hounds also. Guaranteed.