Hero “Chesney” (Chezzers)

Hero “Chesney” (Chezzers):

She is female/ 100% greyhound. Brindle, 52pounds. Born August 16, 2012 – so Chesney is almost 12. CAT SAFE! Very sweet, gentle, easy-going girl. She is totally housebroken! She is a very clean girl! She keeps her doggie bed clean. And she watches where she walks, avoiding mud and crud. She shows no signs of being anxious. Very intelligent. If the lights are off in the house, she will know it is time to sleep. When Chesney lived at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank, she was socialized regularly with the other compatible hounds in her kennel. She shared a kennel with her “pen mate”. Her nickname is Chezzers! The hero hounds almost all have nicknames that just came over the years, because to most of the people at The Veterinarian’s Blood Bank (staff) they are like their own dogs. She does not show too much interest in toys right now, but she does like her Forage Snuffle mat!! She mostly just sleeps in the car when transported. She eats breakfast at 11am and dinner around 6pm. Foster Mom tried to give her breakfast earlier, but she doesn’t seem interested.  She is a grazer when it comes to eating. And she does well with storms, and fireworks. Chesney is in good health, spayed, bloodwork is good, had a recent dental, vaccines, parasite free. An amazing girl for 12 years of age! (Chesney is a true life saver – she served as a blood donor for other dogs that needed life-saving blood. So we call her a “hero hound”. She actually retired years ago, before she even reached 10 years of age. But —until now—- no one was asking to adopt these older greyhounds. She was happy just to live with her friends at TVBB, but now we are partnering to find Cheney the luxuries that come with the comforts of  home. We are bringing them to your attention.)