Hero Schroeder

Hero Schroeder: Another hero blood donor greyhound coming to Prison Greyhounds, from the Veterinarian‘s Blood Bank. Like Hero Isabella, and Hero Chesney, he is 100% greyhound, not a mix. But he is a MALE! Schroeder was born June 10, 2014 so he will be 10. A good mellow age I think! He is 72 pounds of brindle companionship. At the blood bank kennel, he interacts with other compatible dogs in the outside play area. (No muzzles even necessary.) They have color coded tags so the kennel worker can easily identify who can play together. The outside play area is shaded. Blood donor heroes retire from blood draws at 10 years of age, and have mostly just remained on the property until now because no one wants to adopt an older dog. Until Prison Greyhounds reached out! We know some folks prefer the calmness of the older hounds. And some adopters would like an older companion for their senior hounds at home. And, let’s face it, some adopters are getting older themselves! But you can be encouraged that despite the rumors, the older blood donors are NOT just euthanized the moment we retire. They are happy, and well taken care of. But everyone agrees that NOW there might be a better option… a home of his own, with his own family, and his own big plush dog bed, and extra treats, toys, all that stuff. Walks in the park. Schroeder is not actually sure what a human home is really like, but he hopes to find out! He is fully vetted, microchipped, and healthy.