Hero Shelby

Hero Shelby:  This is a petite 42-pound female greyhound lurcher! Those who know her best (at the kennel) describe Shelby as a sweet soul. A hero blood donor, who has retired, because she turns 10 on July 11. Shelby gave blood in her day (but only every 3 weeks) so that a lot of family dogs could live longer lives. Shelby was happy in her days of service, as if she understood “Every living creature needs a job, a greater purpose in life.” But now Shelby’s time has come that she gets to be the family pet! That will be her new career! She is leaving her friends at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank, both the hounds as well as the humans, and 6 of these Hero Blood Donor Greyhounds are venturing off to live with their own family. But first we must find them. Her date of birth is July 11, 2014. Thank you, veterinary friends for keeping her healthy along the way. These veterinarians founded The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank in 2002, when they learned how difficult it was to obtain the necessary blood products to do crucial surgeries. Their decision was to create a company where those items are readily available to the private practitioner as well as for other veterinarian bases research companies. So we call these blood donors heroes that saved a lot of pet’s lives!