Justice – male, red. Born December 30, 2019. Tattooed 129E-74348, Never registered as an individual pup, so named by Sunburst Kennel Workers. Justice tested CAT TOLERABLE! He needs a patient adopter that will not feel offended if it takes a while to earn Justice’s trust. He needs you to teach him that being a family pet, living inside a house with humans, can be a safe and wonderful life! Once your patience earns his trust, you will capture his heart and affections. He and his littermate Javy (who is also available) will be 3 in December. Justice is pretty shy, especially when compared to his littermate. So not the best choice for a family with young children. He needs a quieter house and at least one other dog there that he can draw on their confidence. He is fully vetted, including microchip! Justice will still run away if anyone new approaches. A couple of times a day, he will walk up to us when he thinks we aren’t looking to sniff our hands, but if we turn to look at him, he runs away. Justice does seem like he wishes he was less spooked, sometimes he’ll run to greet us with the other dogs, for example, before seemingly remembering that he’s shy and running back to his corner. So he is slowly coming around. He can go up the stairs and he will if we are up there, but still learning that he can also down the stairs. Loves to zoom around with another greyhound, and race around the yard a few laps. Last thing – he is a collector – toys, mail, clothes, etc. He only seemed to be laying with them, never chewing or playing with them. He doesn’t yet seem to like benebones or hard/rubber chews, he just ignores them. Maybe he will learn how fun they are from the other greyhounds. Justice needs a special adopter that is greyhound savvy. We are proud to say that Justice, Javy, and a 3rd littermate have all made it to the online Greyhound Data website. He is not coming to Bier Brewery because busy social events like the breweries would be overwhelming to him. But we are happy to arrange for a private meeting with an adopter after they are pre-approved.