Koe (Greyhound Lurcher) – male, pronounced “ko’-ey”. A year and half young; born 10/7/2021. His fur is black with white tuxedo front. He weighs 61 pounds. Very friendly, playful, amusing! Although he could easily be an only-dog, he would also be a good match for a dog that also has playful energy! He still has puppy brain, so he could benefit from another dog that welcomes his desire to play! Koe has also gained house manners since he first arrived on May 5th. His brood mama is Peppermint Patty, and he is littermate to Precious, both of whom we adopted out. Despite his energy, Koe did not make a good racer. He would start the race, then turn and come right back. Each time he was released, he did not go far. He had no interest in racing. He might be slower than most to warm up, since he needs to gain confidence. Take it slow with Koe, you will earn his trust. He likes his crate, and really likes toys. In the fenced area he loves to dodge back and forth. He plays keep away! He is very funny! So he is gaining experience, confidence, and trust, every day! He does not like sudden loud noises! When Koe was a younger pup, still with his littermates and brood mama Patty, the covering on their kennel fell in on top of them! WOOSH! So now Koe is on guard for sudden loud booms or crashes. Thunderstorms and roof construction make him nervous. Hopefully with more life experiences this reaction will diminish. He tested cat workable / cat tolerable. He has one eye that is noticeably darker than the other, so we took Koe to Indiana’s best canine ophthalmologist to determine if it was of any concern. Dr Budelsky said no, don’t worry. The juvenile eye is just healing itself! Maybe in time Koe’s eyes will be the same color. Or maybe not! But he is NOT a special needs hound. He loves to chomp on the black bone-shaped rubber kongs. He collects his favorite stuff into his crate!