Mama Dawn

Mama Dawn (Up At Dawn) –  black, a female brood mama of 5, born April 8, 2014. So that makes her 6. Of course she tested cat tolerable. Her tattoos are 44D-63573. This mama is described by Sunburst as very laid back. If you want a greyhound that is a velcro, in-your-face girl….this is not the one! Mama Dawn boasts of 103 races with 13 wins and 14 seconds. All her races were at Southland except her first 3 at Bluffs Run. In 2017 she retired with her owner for her second career of raising pups. In 2018 she had 1 and only 1 litter. Now she will start her 3rd and final career as a family pet. She will need to see Dr Carter after arrival for her spay and dental, which Prison Greyhounds will arrange for.