Nixon (Atascocita Nixon) – male, red fawn, tattoos 108C-73005, 77#. Born 10/23/18. 18 races at Palm Beach and Dubuque, 1 win and 1 second place. Very outgoing – wants to meet EVERYBODY! Will need to see Dr Carter for his neuter/dental/microchip, which we will arrange and pay for. Nixon is such a fun pup, although pretty high energy at age 2½. He loves to play and (at least so far) his energy seems endless! We are requiring his adopters to have a fenced in yard. Squeaky toys, or toys that make sound are definitely his favorite…although he is not picky, LOL. He is mastered stairs, he’s pretty fearless and doesn’t mind trying! He is also still figuring out walks. He LOVES going out for walks, and is very interested in every smell and sound, so he pulls quite a bit. But he’s also just a big boy, so that’s also part of it. Soon he’ll have it down pat. But his adopter will want to practice the “greyhound grip” when holding this big boy on leash. Yet, for being such a big dog, he’s very gentle and loving. He really likes having people or another greyhound close by. He also LOVES the backyard. And he doesn’t have any issues going potty in the backyard or on the leash, either way is fine. He is not shy about it. Nixon is very vocal! If he wants to play, or if he wants belly rubs, or if he’s hungry, he will definitely let you know! He likes to talk to you. He eats best when on his own, isolated. We suggest the adopter start out feeding him in a crate with the door closed or an ex-pen. He doesn’t seem territorial over his food, it’s more like he just gets too distracted to eat when another dog is around. He is probably distracted that they will want his food. (At the kennels, the racers are fed only in their private kennels with the doors closed. Nixon is just a very friendly loving dog! Since his second night, he’s slept through the night and lays right down when it’s time for bed. No cats.