NOAH – (greyhound mix) – male, brindle with friendly face! Born in March 2019, so Noah is 3½. He weighs 68 pounds. We are still learning his personality, but he is very sweet and friendly. Unknown today if he is cat tolerable, we will need to test ourselves this weekend at the Hulett’s foster home. Noah will need to see Dr Carter to finish his vetting with a neuter and dental, some of his vaccine boosters, which we will pay for. Noah does have a fractured toenail on the 5th digit of his left front leg, which is probably why he retired from the field races. Dr Carter will advise us on that also. We are still deworming him from roundworms, hook, and whip but this is no big deal.  We learned that the lurchers (mixes from field racing) do NOT have the frankenstein hookworm that our nga greyhounds have. (Hallelujah) And they only require one month of dosing on average! The SNAP test proved that we have no concerns where heartworm or lyme is concerned. Noah is one of our first greyhounds available for adoption that we acquired “beyond the races”.