Andy or OutWit

Andy or OutWit (Barts OutWit) – male, brindle, 7/12/18. 69#. 78B-72565. No cats. He has ALOT of energy, but he releases the energy in appropriate ways. We are requiring a fenced in yard for this boy!  Foster folks are working on keeping all 4 paws on the ground, especially when excited. It is also challenging to keep him off the furniture. Andy, and his littermate Rocket, both arrived on the 4/11/20 haul. This was the height of the covid hauls bringing 30 dogs at a time. Andy was adopted a year ago, but his new family soon discovered they are never home. As could be expected, Andy began to display signs of separation anxiety, being left home alone, and returned to us. In addition to not being home, they also did not have any other dogs in the home.

(He gets along well with other hounds, and adored the 14 year old teenager in his previous family.) Since he came back into our foster care, Andy has not needed any belly bands, nor had any accidents in the house. So he left a lot of his anxiety and loneliness behind him when he returned to us.  Dogs are social beings and most need some companionship. And that is the full explanation for Andy’s return. He has been fostering with his littermate now, but the house is full and they made a tough decision to help us keep searching for another adopter that can be a better fit for Andy. Some folks at the kennels called him OutWit. He goes by either name. He also tested hookworm free! Woohoo! He is available.