Pike (Full Circle) – male, fawn, born 1/13/16, Weighs 80#. No cats. Tattoos 16I-68146.

63 races with 7 wins, and 7 seconds. Pike is great to walk on leash! Once in a foster home, Pike settled down a lot. Pike is settling into a routine. He is curious but loves pets, being outdoors, and taking walks. He really loves getting his head and neck rubbed. He is very friendly to new people. He will make a good pet for someone who really wants to give him their attention. He will not allow you to ignore him! “Of the fosters we’ve had Pike is definitely the friendliest.  He’s a very large loving boy.  Upon arrival he thoroughly explored the house.” Pike is one of those “shadow” dogs that enjoys staying near you.  He will come to you and put his head down let you pet his head for a couple of minutes. In all he’s a big loving dog that is very companionable and gets along well with other dogs. “We were told he had a high prey drive but we are in a neighborhood full of rabbits, and with no fence we walk our dogs on leash.  When he sees rabbits or birds he just watches them but doesn’t pull at the leash or dive.  Also, we have parrots and after the first day he no longer pays them any attention.”…. has an appointment for neuter/dental on July 7.