Roxie (BGR Roxie Hart) – female, black, (89C-73896). Roxie arrived 12/4/21. She was born 8/1/2019. Weighs 67#. Had  9 races at Dubuque, Iowa. She will need to see Dr Carter for her spay/dental/microchip. Cat safe! Roxie is doing great.  Already learned that it’s fun to go out in the backyard with the boys. She slept pretty well all night without a lot of whining. She crates with a treat and a little coaxing – but she is not a fan at all of her crate for longer periods of time. She’s also really curious about any food that’s nearby, and on the counter, so we’re monitoring that.  Loves to go outside and run around the yard with her two foster siblings. One is a greyhound, the other is a min pin (a small dog). She had one grand fall on the wood floor, so she has learned to be a little more cautious on smooth surfaces. Foster home does not have stairs, so the adopter would need to teach her.  Like all toddlers, Roxie loves stuffed animals and collects them for her bed. She is super curious about the cat, and whines when she gets close to her, like she wants to get a little closer, but is afraid to.  (Maybe because the cat has “warned” her about getting too close a couple of times!) But Roxie is definitely not chasing the cat.  Sleeps really well on a dog bed in the master bedroom at night, except when the cat is near. Then she does that whiny thing, but only a couple of times a night. We’ve been crating her when we leave.  We bribe her with a treat, and  give her a little “help” to get in, but once in, she crates really well. She LOVES food, and is very interested in our food and what’s on the counters, so we’ve been monitoring that.  All in all, a super playful, sweet, well-behaved girl!