Samuel (PJ Get The Bag) – male, red, born 5/13/17. Weight 73 #, Tattoos 57B-70505. RIGHT eye vision is normal,  depends on  his right eye. His LEFT has no vision; it never developed. No medication, no surgery for correction. Happy loving boy, loves squeaky balls. We discovered he has learned to like kids if they are old enough to throw a ball for him to chase! Hesitant when responding to newness. Good house manners. Can have happy, long, life with patient, experienced adopter that gives him time, patience, security. Likes other dogs. Requirement: Fenced in yard attached to the house. Anxious on walks; Good without going on walks, just yard time. Allow time to trust you.  Crates well – that is his go-to “safe spot” during transition. Did very well with nail trim & Dremel. Fully vetted, microchipped! No cats. For more updates, please check on our facebook.

Samuel (PJ Get The Bag) – male, red, born May 13, 2017, age 3. No cats. Weight 73 # Tattoos 57B-70505.Special Needs Diagnosis: Phthisis bulbi vs Microphthalmia…..Samuel saw the best canine ophthalmologist available – Dr Carl Budelsky, for evaluation. His RIGHT eye vision is steady, and normal. He has learned to depend upon his right eye. It is totally healthy, and will lead Samuel through the rest of his happy long life. His LEFT eye has no vision. It is actually smaller in size than the good eye, but no one ever knew that until Dr Budelsky told us. You’d only notice that at times, he holds the blind eye partway closed. What happened? One eye never developed properly. There is no need/purpose for any drops or medication. No surgery for correction. So his adopter has to be willing to accept a final diagnosis that Samuel will live by his one good eye. He is a very happy loving boy, so I don’t feel sorry for Samuel. He loves balls, especially squeaky ones. You could call him a little shy, and slow to respond to new people. Kids and commotion scare him. He sleeps through the night. Samuel is a dog that can be trusted in the house when you leave to not be in a crate, once her has adjusted to a new home. Samuel raced for 1 short year at Palm Beach. His last race was December 19, and surprisingly he won it! Samuel has learned good house manners. He can still have a very happy, long, healthy life with a patient, experienced adopter that understand how to give him time, patience, and security. He can be jumpy in new environments. Samuel gets along well with the 4 resident greyhounds. Unfortunately, he killed a cat in Florida foster home. He loves a fenced in back yard (a requirement for adoption with this boy). On walks near traffic or bicycle or commotion, he becomes anxious. He could be content just being in a fenced yard (with no leash walks) for his future retirement. It will take him time to get to trust you, especially if you want him to come up to you for affection. It took him about a month at his foster home. He crates very well – that is his go-to “safe spot” so that will be a requirement during his transition. He did very well with foster folks when they trimmed & even drilled his nails down, after only being in their care for a month! He is fully vetted, including his neuter. Samuel is even microchipped! Current on vaccines.