Spice (BS Spice Me Up) – male, black, born 7/25/15. Weighs 79#. Tattoos 75A-66972. NO CATS! His racing photos are highlighted on Greyhound Data.

9/25/20 – Spice is doing very well.  He has been here one week now. He is a very sweet, endearing dog. After week one: No accidents in the house!  He’s great on leash, no pulling, he goes along nicely on a pretty loose lead.  He loves to walk!  He can get a little distracted by squirrels, but easy to redirect. Spice is very affectionate and seeks attention.  He gives little kisses on the face. He crates willingly, and settles right down. No issues at night or when foster folks leave the house. He waits patiently to be let out. He’s very playful; loves the braided rope toy. If you throw it, he will run after it and bring it back. Does not seem to have any space issues. He’s a voracious eater.  He is fed away from the other dogs.  He would like to go check out their food, so supervise or crate while feeding.  He’ll improve over time. Lots of curiosity and nervous energy, especially for a 5-year-old greyhound.  He follows Foster Mom around everywhere, and it is hard for him to relax if she is moving around the house.  The nose goes everywhere!  However, he understands ‘no’ pretty well so if his nose gets him into trouble he redirects pretty easily.  We don’t know yet if being ‘keyed up’ is part of his personality, or if it is part of adjusting to his new life.  But as of today, week # 1, he has more energy than the average greyhound. He’s very playful, but he goes from ‘playful’ to ‘rambunctious’ really fast!  He plays pretty rough.  He’s not aggressive, just throws his weight around.  He has knocked both resident greyhounds over.  Therefore, you must be wise and careful about what types of games to play with Spice.  Throwing and fetching are great, chasing and tugging should never be for this guy. Foster folks also noticed that if they get on the floor with Spice, he will get pretty riled-up when they decide to get up. He wants them to keep petting, so he will go from batting with his paws to jumping on your back very quickly.  So – foster folks don’t get on the floor with him anymore.  Again, it’s not aggressive, just playful and a little bit bossy.  It would be best to NOT allow this boy on the furniture and especially the master bed. – So far it seems that Spice would benefit from an active household that does not have small children.  He hasn’t met any kids so we don’t know if he is ‘kid safe’ or not, but the tendency to play rough is probably not a good fit for young kids!  And since his mind is so active, regular exercise is necessary.  We walk twice a day and I play with him in the back yard a couple of times each day. We are going to require this this big boy’s adopter have a fenced in yard attached to their house. He would also do well on a good doggie day care. – Spice (BS Spice Me Up) status: available, no cats